Best Eats Cares by FoodieS

Best Eats Cares is a platform to support, inspire and encourage the food & beverage and hospitality ecosystem, especially during these unprecedented times. Best Eats Cares is longing to re-excite the F&B industry by giving away a special food order to deserving restaurants, with the intention to give a larger scale impact.

Evolved from Jakarta’s Best Eats and Bali’s Best Eats — which for the past two years have named the best restaurants in Jakarta and Bali. Our mission remains the same: to be the most professional and objective restaurant awards in Indonesia. Aiming to support the longevity and sustainability of Indonesia’s culinary industry.

This year, in support of the F&B industry, which has collided with the Covid-19 pandemic, Best Eats Cares has initiated a search for two deserving restaurants, one each from Jakarta and Bali. Interested restaurants are required to submit a 60-second video showcasing their restaurant, the comfort food they want to serve, their team and creative concept and why they should be chosen for this food order. Shortlisted restaurants will undergo a virtual screening and interview process with a judging panel of reputable culinary experts. The two chosen restaurants will each be awarded a special food order amounting to IDR 150 million.

It is envisioned that these food orders not only help the winning restaurant but would also create a ripple effect – reaching countless others. The winning restaurants aside from being able to support their employees will be able to pay their suppliers and vendors. Who in turn are able to support farmers, fishermen, producers and other businesses.

The ripple effect does not stop there, the food made by these winning restaurants will then be donated to hospital front liners, health workers, and communities in great need. Best Eats Cares has partnered with non-governmental organizations namely Foodbank Of Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia - Student Union of International Class Alumni (STUNICA) and Crisis Kitchen Bali to distribute these food donations.

“Best Eats Cares springs forth from the adversity we all experience. But it would be terrible to let these experiences go to waste. This shared adversity has brought us together, not just to help and prop each other up, but also to help those who are greatly in need,” said Jed Doble, publisher of FoodieS.

“As one of our company pillar is to bring the goodness towards our business partners, AQUA Reflections not only provides the finest mineral water, we also support any endeavor to revive the F&B industry. We believe that these incentives will bring positive outcome to the food & beverage ecosystem. With this noble initiative, we are proudly supporting FoodieS for Best Eats Cares,” states Flora Tobing, Senior Brand Manager, AQUA Reflections.