Jalan Pangkung Sari No. 100, Kerobokan / T: +62 8123 6959 895  / IG: @sakenohanabali  / FB: @sakenohanabal

Offering a refined perspective on Indonesian wood-fire cooking

AT SANGSAKA, diners can look forward to elegant dishes inspired from the wide spectrum of Indonesian cuisine – traditional tastes with clever contemporary twists, all cooked over wood-fire. The menu is an ever-changing carousel of vibrant flavors, offering up
the freshest available produce that the Sangsaka team finds at the local markets and farms. Like sibling Merah Putih, Sangsaka’s food program is headed by Chef Kieran Morland, a veteran chef who has worked in some of the most famous kitchens in New York, London, and Melbourne. He is assisted by wunderkind Maxie Millian. The menu is simple yet elegant, with options for small plates, large plates as well as a tasting menu in which guests can sample nice dishes handpicked by the chef. For those familiar with Indonesian food, the menu features familiar names but will definitely not look the same as what you usually know as the chefs add their own creative and playful touches. Do try the ayam rica rica, the classic Manado-style chicken served with an unorthodox yet lovely coconut crumpet. The celeng siobak is a perennial guest favorite, featuring crisp flavorful suckling pig, rose apple and a side of the zesty torch ginger sambal.