Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud / T: +62 813 3705 0539 / IG: @room4dessert_wg

Multi-course dessert feast

THE SWEET and spirited Room4Dessert is tucked away on the outskirts of Ubud on Jalan Sanggingan. Helmed by Chef Will Goldfarb who was featured at Netflix’s Chef’s Table Pastry Season and his merry band of pastry refugee all stars take to the metaphorical pastry skies each night to amaze and delight legions of passersby and other gastronauts. Chef Will and his kitchen, bar and service pranksters serve up a multicourse fiesta, nay, extravaganza – including pleasantly provocative cocktail pairings, and a dynamite bubbles list. The secret garden area provides the aromatic plants so essential to Room4Dessert’s programmes. An experience of savory snacks, plated desserts, and hand held petit fours feature locally sourced products, utilizing techniques designed to minimize waste and really pop the flavors out. Drinks have been carefully blended by our extraordinary bar man with the same painstaking approach to detail and joy – liquid enhancement of each and every single morsel while you are under our roof. Room4Dessert is currently featuring the upcoming menu of their tenth season; a sevencourse menu highlighting the pure whimsical pairings of ingredients such as smoked galangal kombucha, beras kencur chantilly, cinnamon meringue, tamarillo, and various other exciting local ingredients.