Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 99, Canggu / T: +62 812 365 307 99 / IG: @musubibali

Japanese simplicity

MUSUBI IS A JAPANESE inspired brunch izakaya destination located in Berawa – Canggu. Meaning ‘knotting’ or ‘tying’ in Japanese, Musubi aims to provide the experience of Shoku Hito Tsunagu — an infinite bond between food and people. Chef Rui Yamagishi highlights the freshness and flavor of Japanese cooking while using modern and French cooking methods. Inspired to bring the best out of the simple and heartwarming dishes, Musibi features familiar fare such as Spicy Miso Charcoal Pork Ribs (twice cooked pork ribs with miso charcoal glaze, fried shallots, and ichimi powder) and
Gindara Misozuke (caramelised grilled miso marinated gindara with oshinko pirikara). They focus on accentuating the umami flavor — the five elements of richness, fullness, and complexity in taste. For the drinks, Musubi offers a range of refreshing cocktails, sake, and wines. With the comfortable dining atmosphere, guests are invited to delight on a great meal shared together with their loved ones. Embracing the value of Omotenashi, Musubi encompasses the spirit of customer service to create pleasant dining experience to remember.