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Hyperlocal cuisine at its best

THE USE OF LOCAL and sustainable ingredients is very fashionable now, but not five years ago. Locavore has been a trailblazer in the use of local ingredients, from the Tegalalang rice they use in their signature dish, to the glassware, ceramics, and tableware they serve their food on. But it does not stop there, they have gone beyond that. They have made a conscious shift to use endemic Indonesian ingredients, produce which originally come from the archipelago, or ingredients which have been here for such a long time that they can be considered local, such as tomatoes, chilies and potatoes. Such a paradigm shift can be difficult for any chef, but they have soldiered on. As a nod towards the growers and farmers who have made their dishes possible, each ingredient’s origin is noted in its dining menu, such as the
delightfully briny pickled seaweed from Lombok, mackerel from Jimbaran as well as the beef short ribs from Malang, Java. Helmed by the unstoppable duo - chefs Eelka Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah, who have served as inspiration for the locavore movement in Indonesia. Their food is an amalgamation of international modern European cooking utilizing the best of Indonesia’s rich heritage of ingredients and agriculture. One example of this philosophy is the Bangkal Hitam dish, which puts together Balinese heritage pork leg karo style, cauliflower, ham stock, pickled genjer, serundeng powder and sweet bacon. Another example of being hyperlocal is their ‘Into The Sawah’ which has all its ingredients coming from a single rice paddy – rice cooked risottostyle, using a snail broth and bits of snails, topped with a duck egg yolk and garnished with fern tips and flowers.