Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 99, Canggu / IG: @fishbonelocal

Elegant Beachside Barbecue

IN THE SHORESIDE village of Canggu, just a short stroll up from the waves stands Fishbone Local — a contemporary eatery and bar that captures the seaside state of mind. The main dining area is a spacious, semi-open space with wooden chairs and tables opposite the bar. Sustainability seeps into the sleek design as well. Recycled materials accent the 100-seat restaurant, like the fishing net menu baskets or repurposed crab trap light fixtures. The market list menu rotates daily, taking its cues from Balinese beachside barbecue, but calls upon other coastal cultures for inspiration too. One day may find pan-seared barramundi with sambal
alongside a Vietnamese-style slaw or a bowl of edamame, while the next may offer beer-battered fish and chips, swordfish tikka skewers or a tuna poke. As for the drinks, the bar keeps things sharp with a compact list of beer and wine, but the cocktails play a leading role. Native ingredients like kaffir lime, pandan and pomelo bring new life to spritzes, gimlets, Marys and Margaritas. At the heart of Fishbone Local’s ethos lies a commitment for fair trade. The restaurant has partnered with Bali Sustainable Seafood, a Bali based social enterprise company, to minimise the ecological impact on our oceans and ensure the economic livelihood of local fishermen and their communities.