Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 6, Seminyak / T: +62 361 738 454 / IG: @ulookhotinbikini / FB: @ulookhotinbikini

Flirtatious flavors meets modern style

BIKINI IS the brainchild of restaurateur Adam McAsey and culinary director Jethro Vincent from the 8 Degree Projects, known for their venues Sisterfields and BO$$MAN. The place is sexy in a playful manner – it carries a certain kind of sophistication but with an alluring ease. The bar goes from the outdoor area to the indoor, creating a sultry invitation for diners to come in. Chef Jethro draws on his many travels and past experiences to continuously evolve the menu. With inventive dishes like his signature foie gras cigar, the goat cheese gougères with truffle honey, and the Corn on Corn (baby corns served with popcorn, chipotle and manchego), it is a bit difficult to put a finger on what kind of cuisine Bikini really serves. That being said, as eclectic as the selection goes, the quality is consistently impressive.