Jalan Gunawarman No. 32 / T: +6221 72795846 / Web: turkuazrst.com

Turkish delight

OPENED SINCE July 2011, Turkuaz is the home of a wide selection of Turkish cuisines made by Chef Sezai Zorlu. The place combines soothing colors of blue, turquoise, and gray on the walls, with black and white photos in wooden frames that feature Turkish people, architecture, culture and landscapes. Acting as the center of this 40-seating-capacity restaurant is the Turkish-styled chandelier made up by several lanterns with colored glass panes. The food offered in this eatery is influenced by Ottoman era dishes, with herbs and ingredients imported from Turkey and the Middle East. The Turkuaz
Chef signature lamb shanks is made following authentic traditional methods, cooked overnight in a wood oven. The mains include the Adana Kebab made with Char grilled minced meat and chili paste with Icli Pilav (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb). Another main is the Manti, which is steamed spiced minced lamb in homemade dough dressed with yoghurt garlic, butter and dry chili. Of course the experience in Turkuaz would not be complete without indulging in Baklava, a traditional Turksih delight made of layers of fillo pastry, butter, pistachio and homemade syrup.