Ade Putri Pramadita

Food Strorysteller

Ade had many talents in the lifestyle and entertaintment industry;she is food stylist, food witer, food enterpreneur. and also a part of Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia-a movement promoting the preservation of traditional Indonesian foods.

Jed Doble

Food Writer/Publisher

Jed is respected food writer and publishing professional.His brand Foodies publishes a monthly print magazine with digital channels,featuring culinary stories from across Indonesia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Linda Tan


Linda is globetrotter who always on look out for extreme sport trips, great adventures and fine food hunting.

Ethan Lim

Danone AQUA

Ethan is an avid foodie. Whether is hawker-style food or fancy fine dining. as long as good it is good food. he is definitely in.

Odilia Wineke

Food Writer

Food is ingredients thats binds us together,is one of Odilia's favorite sayings. He love for food, is evident in her cooking as well as her writing.

Rinrin Marinka


Rinrin is a celebrity chef and restaurateur who is passionate about experimenting with Indonesian fusion

Yuda Bastara

Celebrity Chef

After his culinary degree he went in to work in Melbourne and Malaysia before coming back to Jakarta. He is a private chef and appears on Asian Food Channels's Urban Cook. His Personal missions is educate Indonesians to cook simple, Healthy and yummy everyday.

Tantra Tobing

Gourmand and Lifestyle Blogger

Tantra two loves are travel and good food. An aviation aficinado. he would be seen jetting of various destinations at a drop of a hat. Once at the chossen location, he will definitely want to grab a meal at the best restaurant in town.