Level 8, Goodrich Suits, Jl Pangeran Antasari no. 60/T: +6221 2793 7122

Cocktails of the Spice Route

JAKARTA IS progressively growing its appreciation for superbly mixed cocktails and alcoholic drinks in general. As the market grows and matures, more and more patrons are finding themselves increasingly fine-tuning their taste buds, zeroing in on their likes and dislikes. This in turn creates consumers who know what they want to drink and can differentiate between good cocktails from the mediocre. In Jakarta’s bar worls, being able to source high quality ingredients and also talented bartenders with the right skill set is more important than ever. A bar that
that ticks all these boxes is Roosevelt. Located atop the Goodrich Suites on Jalan Pangeran Antasari, Roosevelt is a proud creation of De La House Group, the makers of other fine entertainment establishments such as LEÓN and Parc19. And compared to the other De La House establishments, the bar concept at Roosevelt offers a more mature experience. Roosevelt’s signature cocktails are inspired by the Spice Route spanning across the Indonesian archipelago. In celebration of Indonesia’s native spices and herbs they have crafted these cocktails through infusions, syrups, tinctures and bitters keeping in mind local ingredients. In their classics selection, Roosevelt attempts to gather together different styles from different periods of the cocktail history lexicon. From pre-prohibition drinks like the gimlet, to post-war drinks like the Moscow mule. In essence, they promise a drink that can be enjoyed at different times of the day. “For me, a good cocktail has to be pleasing to all the senses,” says Leon Gunawan, CEO of De La House. “Not only does it have to taste good, it also has to smell and look good too. In this age of social media, the visual aspect of it is increasingly more important.”