Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta / Jalan MH Thamrin No. 1 / T: +6221 23583896
Web: kempinski.com / IG: @okujakarta

Indonesian cuisine as you have not seen it before

OKU is located in one of Jakarta’s most historic hotels, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. The idea of its decor is to bring about a Zen-like atmosphere, underlining a tranquil ambience with its wooden interior decor and natural lights throughout the 100 seating capacity dining area. OKU also has private rooms for special occasions, with a view of a Japanese garden.
The menu is created by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa- previously of Waku Ghin, Michelin-starred restaurant in Marina Bay Sands Singapore- combining a modern take on Japanese dishes with traditional flair.
OKU offers only fresh cuisine, ranging from Unagi Kabayaki with mizansha sauce, Temako sushi that consists of three sushi in one: Negitoro, Salmon, and Scallop, Australian Beef Katsu in its Lunch Bento, Truffle Gyu Don, Truffle Rice, to a bowl of Tasmanian trout with Honkarebushi Dashi poured with Sake Ochazuke. OKU also offers predinner cocktails and post-dinner drinks with a choice of premium sake, whiskies, and spirits. The recent addition in its cocktail menu is Love at First Sight. To ensure the freshness of its sashimi, sushi and other seafood-based items, OKU imports fresh seafood from Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, twice per week.