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Indonesian cuisine as you have not seen it before

NUSA INDONESIAN GASTRONOMY opened on Independence Day in 2016, and has since carried a mission to cultivate, harvest, and use Indonesian authentic cooking processes and ingredients from local farmers in their dishes. The restaurant’s look takes cues from a colonial mansion of the 1920s and its interior is a beautiful interplay of white and brown colors: white colored ceiling with its exposed brown wooden frame ceiling support, and white floor and brown wood window frames. The dining hall is decked with 36 square marble tables and wooden rattan chairs. Under the watchful eyes of Chef Ragil
Imam Wibowo, Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy crafts true Indonesian cuisine. Ulu Juku is a fish-head soup from Makassar, South Sulawesi, using coconut milk, traditional spices, and tamarind as the ingredients. Cooked with rare pelawan mushroom, that only grows during raining season in Bangka, is Nusa’s Gurita Kulat Pelawan from Bangka island. Dominating with pastel colors of purple, yellow, and red is Nusa’s Indonesian Sweet Porrridge, combining bubur ketan hitam mousse, kacang hijau, sponge cake purple yam, gelato sweet corn with coconut milk, and kolangkaling in one plate.