Plaza Senayan and Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall / T: +6221 5725144
Web: / IG: @monologcoffee

Quality coffee and all-day breakfast goodness

MONOLOG COFFEE CO. offers a casual vibe and design, with the smell of freshly ground coffee in the air. Monolog is proud of their coffee, ensuring that every cup is fresh-made, from the ristretto, espresso, macchiato, doppio, americano, long black, capuccino/latte, flat white, piccolo latte, dark chocolate mocha, hazelnut mocha, or their intriguing spiced coffee latte served in a hot cuppa. Monolog focuses on delivering the all-day breakfast concept, with food options in the likes of the Parisian breakfast which is home baked croissant filled with sautéed spinach, sliced smoked beef and cheddar, served with scrambled egg and salad. Then there is the Breakfast Taco made of tortilla with spicy salsa, cheddar cheese and sour cream. The Swiss Bircher Muesli is a must try comprising of cinnamon apple, grape, and mixed berries. Meanwhile their signature Monolog Big Morning menu is packed with eggs, sausage, homemade smoked beef on rustic bread with sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, and grilled veggies.
Outside of the all-day breakfast selection, recommended dishses include the Big Mouth Clubs Sandwich with homemade smoked beef, and the Chimichurri steak which is medium grilled sliced steak with Argentinian chimichurri sauce serven on a bed of garlic rice.