Jalan Gunawarman No. 34 / T: +6221 72788003 / Web: lequartier.co.id / IG: @lequartierjkt

A casual approach to French cuisine

GUNAWARMAN IS the it area for hip restaurants and bars, with Le Quartier being one of her first settlers. The Frenchinspired restaurant brings about modern and innovative European cuisine where everything is prepared fresh-to-order. Wood material dominate the restaurant’s floor, seats and tables, meanwhile its walls and seat cushions covered in blue. The dining hall is illuminated by classic chandeliers up above the ceiling. The venue is the brainchild of innovative restaurateur, Chris Janssen, who had experience in Michelin star restaurants in Europe and the USA. Le Quartier explores French classic options such as
foie gras au torchon with fig chutney. Other signatures include Spanish Iberico pork chop and a shareable double entrecote steak with potato gratin, French beans and mushrooms with béarnaise sauce. The much-desired wagyu of Chateaubriand is served with sautéed potatoes, forest mushrooms, red wine jus tarragon béarnaise. Their latest menu addition is the fresh Yellow rockfish with urchin butter linguine. Le Quartier’s wine selection is a packed collection of both new and old world wines, ranging from France, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and South Africa.