Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII no 67K, Bangka, Jakarta Selatan / T: +6221 7192871
Web: / IG: @lawless.burgerbar

Burgers, Fries, and Rock & Roll

LAWLESS BURGERBAR first opened in Kemang in September 2017 and can be summed up as a fun hangout joint with great burgers and cold beers with rock and metal music being played in the background. Lawless Burgerbar was founded by four friends, including Arian Arifin and Sammy Bramantyo of the famous indie rock band Seringai. Prior to the burgerbar, they have already setup a few businesses under the Lawless brand, including the Lawless Jakarta clothing store, the Lawless Jakarta Garage motorcycle workshop and to the indie record label Lawless Jakarta Records. As the name entails, the Lawless Burgerbar
offers burgers, sandwiches and snacks. The reasonably priced burgers not only taste great but also come in a generous portion. Their biggest burger is The Lemmy made with a double juicy patty, beef brisket, beef bacon, cheese, onion strings, dan sunny side up. Lawless Burgerbar also has`other menus inspired by their favourite metal bands, such as The Great Southern Trendkill, Chick Of It All, Sabbath Burger, Motley Burg, Amsaldan 666, Enter Sandwich, Madballs, Dog Nasty, and Jalapenostic Front. Their secret to success is quite straightforward: using quality ingredients and making their patties fresh on-site.