Gedung Lot 4, 7th Floor / Jalan Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52-53, SCBD / T: +6221 51401484
Web: / IG: @kilakilajakarta

A treat to Indonesian delicacies

KILA KILA aims to bring Indonesian feast even further, serving a “treat to Indonesian delicacy”. Kila Kila by Akasya started as a wedding caterer. Then they expanded their business further, opening a restaurant for avid Indonesian cuisine hunters. The menu takes a creative plunge on local favorites, a highlight is their half-dozen sambals (including andaliman, keluwek, and teri cabe ijo) and choices of mains in the likes of lamb shanks fried in olive oil to the signature grilled sate wagyu. Kila Kila also explore veggie-based dishes in Oblok-oblok, one of the restaurant’s most faves. Other signatures include Tumis Bunga Pepaya,
Terong Renyah Bumbu Teri, and Brokoli Goreng Telor Asin. Kila Kila also spoils their guests with jajanan pasar (traditional market snacks) such as old school favorite serabi and spicy lemper. Not stopping with just food, , Kila Kila entices with signature cocktails, including one as a fusion of tequila, pineapple, cucumber, chili padi, lime, honey, and salt in DareDevil a.k.a Rujak Tequila. Instead of using crystal chandeliers to brighten the room, Kila Kila uses light bulbs playfully housed in traditional small chicken pens of different sizes. As a unique visual, one of the walls are decked with clay teapots traditionally used to serve teh poci.