Level 1, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, Jl, Jendral Sudirman, Tanah Abang, Jakarta 10220 / T: +6221 29229999
Web: shangri-la.com

Chinese cuisine with Zen-like tranquility

OVERLOOKING the green garden within the Shangri-La Jakarta Hotel property, JIA’s all-around interior design underlines a Zen-like tranquility. With a terra cotta wall on the left side of the restaurant, minimalist off-white lights, and different composition of wallpapers, JIA brings a fresh, modern, and simple look and vibe. Its signature dishes include Peking-style roasted duck, homemade dim sum, tossed lo mien noodles in big bowls and premium Chinese barbecued items such as crispy roast suckling pig and grilled live seafood. The open oven stations concept allows guests to watch the roasting process of JIA’s peking duck.
Aside from the signature Peking duck, JIA also serves deep fried crispy eel with honey sauce, crispy prawn with wasabi mayonnaise and almond flakes, wok-fried udon noodle with seafood, traditional ma po tofu, steamed shrimp dumpling topped with bird’s nest and tobiko, and steamed bean curd rolls in oyster sauce. JIA also serves a fruitbased dessert in its chilled mango sago cream with mango ice cream, chilled mango pudding, chilled sweetened almond bean with longan, and the unique take of a warm dessert of double boiled fungus, sweet osmanthus, and red dates in glutinous ball.