National Golf Club, The Maj Senayan, Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu 9, Jakarta 10270 / T: +6221 5706365
Web: corknscrewjkt / IG: @corknscrew

An oasis in the middle of Jakarta

MANY WOULD agree that CORK & SCREW Country Club is currently one of the hottest venues in town. Not your typical high floor vantage point situation, but rather positioning itself as an oasis in the middle of the bustling city with a spectacular view of (golf course) greenery. A proud creation of the Union Group, the concept of Cork & Screw Country Club brings forth the idea of a country-club-slash-wine-joint. The identity of a wine place is ever present- home to arguably Jakarta’s most comprehensive wine cellar with 800 bottles- but the main idea is to expand from their established “night” market that
Cork & Screw is known for. At the heart of it is a restaurant, but also a place to enjoy and relax with a bottle of wine and chill. Other Cork & Screws are smaller and situated in a mall (Pacific Place and Plaza Indonesia), serving people coming from nearby offices. But in Cork & Screw Country Club everything slows down. Thanks to the Senayan National golf course view and a swimming pool, the vibe is somewhat that of a chill Balinese villa. Food options are crafted by Chef Fernando Sindu, which are dominated by elevated and deconstructed signature Indonesian all-time favorite food options including Soto Betawi and Gudeg Bromo.