Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No 35, Menteng, Jakarta 10310 / T: +6221 31926224
Web: pakisculinary.com / IG: @bungarampai.pakiculinary

Fancy Indonesian Dining

BUILT IN a renovated Dutch house in Menteng, Bunga Rampai is home to an eclectic and rustic decor and romanticmasculine shades of black, grey, and gold. Displayed on its corners are collector’s pieces such as Palembang antique cloth and Palembang antique cupboards to enhance a luxurious atmosphere. Such classic and romantic impressions can be found on the first and second floor. Meanwhile on the third floor are the rustic, natural, and romantic nuances that fill in the unique greenhouse architectural style. The third floor is adorned with wooden decor and green foliage, surrounded with glass paneling allowing for natural sunlight to flood in. Numerous culinary delights of the archipelago can be found at Bunga Rampai
An array of cuisines from Sumatra, Jawa, Kalimantan, Bali, and Sulawesi of authentic recipes with the best quality ingredients and spices are presented in a fine dining style. Favourite menu options include Sambal Tempe Penyet which is braised soya bean cake with garlic and chilli relish and Salada Menteng which is Bunga Rampai’s rendition of mixed fresh veggies with sweet and sour peanut sauce. The restaurant also boasts an impressive catalog of timeless Indonesian desserts, including the Es Cendol Dawet Ayu consisting of green rice pudding with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup and Es Tjantik Djelita which is diced fresh fruits in ice coconut water and sweetened coconut.