MD Place Mezzanine Level, Jl Setiabudi Selatan no 7 / T: +6221 2966 9272
Web: absteakjakarta.com / IG: @absteakjakarta

Steaks with an East-meets-West flair

KOREAN-BORNAB Steak is the latest creation of Chef Akira Back, a revolutionary modern steakhouse incorporating Western style steaks with Korean/Japanese flair. Chef Akira stays true to his take on cultural merging, mixing flavors and tastes of his Korean origin along with a variety of other cuisines in exotic fashion. The innovative steakhouse concept has been developed by Chef Akira for quite some time and Jakarta is fortunate to be the first city to open an AB Steak in 2017. The restaurant’s interior design exudes warmth and panache with modern Asian aesthetics mixed with technology. Artwork by Chef Akira’s mother span across the ceiling and on the walls of the VIP rooms. A warm ambience as a result from modern interior design,
targeted lighting and carefully selected music are key elements to enhance every guests’ experience while dining at AB Steak. The specialty are the house dry aged premium meats which are processed in an especially made dry aging chamber. AB Steak offers dry aged meat ranging from 30 days up to 120 days. Losing up to 35% water weight, longer dry aging means more concentrated flavor, sharper aroma similar to aged cheese and meaty texture. Chef Akira suggest guests to enjoy their dry aged steaks with the various homemade salts to enhance the flavor. AB Steak also offers premium selected cuts from US, Australia and Japan served with different kind of condiments.