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Meats, grilled and smoked to perfection

AT THE CENTER OF Up in Smoke is a large, open-air island-style kitchen that’s home to two cherry-red stickburner smokers from Texas. Operating 16 hours a day and fuelled by rambutan wood, the smokers imbue tenderness and explosive flavors to pork bellies and briskets, chickens and rib eye, burnt ends, tomahawk steaks–and more. The brainchild of two friends long obsessed with grilling and smoking meat– Justin Mu, a local boy, and Zach Nice, a Texas transplant–Up in Smoke features a spacious and excellent bar, a groovy outdoor deck and cool design that rivals hip, big-city eateries across the globe.
Chef Rafea, a Nobu-trained Bay Area nomad, transformed the recipes devised by the pair from their experimental pop-up kitchen days into those that are absolutely delightful. Check out the Papuan wild-boar sausage–made from sustainably harvested free-range pork that comes straight out of pristine rainforests and has a earthy texture and that crumbles in the mouth. For perfection, pair it with broccoli– grilled, of course with pickled gold raisins, spiced cashews and brushed with a nut-and-red-pepper Romesco sauce. The broccoli, like all the produce on offer, is organic and locally sourced.(cr)




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