Plaza Indonesia, Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30 | T: +6221 29924380 |
FB: SevenfridaySpace | IG: @sevenfriday_space

Globally unique concept, with food to match

AS A RENOWNED Swiss brand, SevenFriday makes watches with an intricacy of automatic movement that has made its timepieces one of a kind. SevenFriday’s flagship store at Plaza Indonesia was designed as a hybrid concept, together with a restaurant and lounge, named the SevenFriday Space. It is the brand’s first such initiative in the world. The subtle and intimate atmosphere works well with the projected image of the brand, especially at one corner where a lineup of SevenFriday watches is showcased. SevenFriday Space is where Chef Fernando “Nando” Sindu’s explores his culinary inspirations. Having been trained in the U.S. and is known for his excellent breakfast fare, Chef Nando churns out intriguingly creative modern Indonesian dishes here. Their Pork Chop Rice has their signature pork chop with crispy sambal matah, served with fragrant rice and an aromatic broth. His rendition of Lontong Sayur, rice cakes, braised vegetables, grilled marinated tofu, soft-boiled egg, dried shrimp, chili and coconut broth, or bite-size beef on skewers with kemangi ‘chimi’, andaliman peppers salt and pickled shallots are is definitely not to be missed. (bb)




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