Plaza Senayan, Level 5, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8 | | FB: @paradisedynastyjkt

Edgy dishes, excellent cocktails

PARADISE DYNASTY offers a transcendent Chinese dining experience filled with opulence and majesty reflected in both its interior and cuisines. Stepping through the front entrance of black and grey marble, one can’t help but marvel at the Oriental-inspired details, such as the dark red and ivory tones found in the furniture. Teak tables exude an extra sense of luxury amid chandeliers, intricately carved ceiling and silky smooth rows of curtains decorating the windows on one side of the dining area. Adorned with textured wooden pillars and wall panels made from 100-year-old timber, additional details such as gold-colored teapots and other Oriental decorations here and there reflect bygone Chinese eras. Focusing on both northern and southern Chinese cuisine, some of the offerings include Xiao Long Bao that are
like bites of heaven, La Mian with tasty broths, a large selection of Shanghai Dim Sum, a variety of double-boiled soups, and a line of dishes called the Paradise Collection, which includes signature dishes like Wok-Fried Rice with Salted Fish, Braised Hor Fun with Prawns and Scrambled Egg, or Crisp Fried Salmon Skin.(dm)




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