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Authentic Peranakan with modern accents

OCCUPYING AN ELEGANT> villa built in the architectural style of 1950s colonial era style, Meradelima restaurant has become a landmark of the Kebayoran Baru area. The food on offer is authentic Chinese Peranakan. Fittingly, everything within Meradelima is tailored to reflect the identity of Peranakan culture, from attentive service to interior decoration down to the smallest details. The spacious dining area exudes a relaxing ambience that is formal enough for business meetings or gatherings, yet warm enough for a group of friends or families to spend quality time together in. Looking around, it is easy to notice Meradelima’s heavy Peranakan influence, from old photos of Peranakan ladies
sporting traditional kebaya down to the batik sarongs and antique kebaya encim displayed. Meradelima’s Peranakan fare has been reinvented to fit the palate of today’s culinary enthusiasts without compromising flavour and fragrances– qualities that best describe Peranakan cuisine. An example would be Sate Manis Ciamik Tenan; freshly grilled tenderloin skewers with a dark soy sauce, diced shallots and birds-eye chillies. Also, the classic Lontong Cap Go Meh is not to be missed. Plating rice cake, green papaya, sweet braised potato and prawn crackers in a tasty yellow curry broth, this dish is the epitome of Peranakan cuisine.(dm)




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