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Modern bistro by day, happening nightclub after dark

SITUATED ALONG the stretch of Jalan Wijaya 1 in South Jakarta, famous for being one of the liveliest F&B and nightlife streets in Jakarta, LEÒN is an establishment that cares more about what’s going on inside instead of what one can glean from the outside. León is a sophisticated bistro that offers modern fine dining by day and an alluring nightlife ambience after dark. For first timers, the considerable stroll into the belly of LEÒN will be rewarded with the expansive view of the establishment below.
The interiors of León could easily be that of a vibrant New York bistro laden with comfortably spacious leather couches in black and brown, brick-andsteel walls on one side, wall-to-ceiling windows on the other, giving a vintage industrial feel, and a generous bar area lined with marble counters, leather stools, and a fully stocked list of wine and spirits.
During the day, they churn out no-fuss and familiar dishes for lunch sessions with ample light, which streams in generously through the floor-toceiling glass wall. Come late night, that’s when the magic begins. LEÒN is transforms into a lounge where dinner plates are swapped with glasses of wines and whisky on the rocks. Music plays a huge role in the experience of LEÒN. At night the music picks up and shifts the mood. LEÒN’s soulful approach to music is the reason why the establishment frequently welcomes discerning professionals who know how to have a good time.
But interiors, food and music are not the only ingredients to make the Bar of the Year. Interesting, and artisanal cocktails mostly based on classic recipes are given a modern riff are served. Try their signature Rosemary Sour, with rosemary-infused gin, lemon juice, egg white and simple syrup. Or you can go for bottle service or the elegant single serve and have your Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve™ - on its own, with a dash of water, or along with your favorite mixer. Now this is the perfect night out. (dm)





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