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Memories of Paris

MUCH OF THE CHARM of the City of Light comes from its ubiquitous neighborhood brassieres and bistros– warmly lit places of effortless elegance, excellent cuisine and a good bottle of wine. It is this feeling of Paris that has been conjured, both in design and in taste, by Executive Chef Chris Janssens at Le Quartier. The serial restaurateur, also behind Jakarta mainstays such as Ninety Nine Cafe and Cassis, offers a fin-de-siècleinspired menu that’s not limited to France or his native Belgium, and which takes full advantage of the restaurant’s wood-stone oven and charcoal grill. There’s a delicious duck foie gras au torchon with fig chutney, a sumptuous Spanish Ibericco pork chop and a signature shareable double entrecote steak with potato gratin, French beans and mushrooms, and béarnaise sauce. Entering Le Quartier transports you from his location amid the bustle of the city’s Senopati restaurant corridor. There are glimpses of green peaking through lace-curtained windows in the day, while gorgeous crystal chandeliers glow in the evening. Sit at a table or at Le Quartier’s marble-topped bar and enjoy.(cr)




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