Gedung Lot 4, 7th Floor, Jalan Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52-53, SCBD | | IG: @kilakilajakarta
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Indonesian sounds of joy

DIG DEEP and you’ll see how the Sanskrit cosmopolis permeates Indonesian language and culture. Kila Kila takes its name from the Sanskrit for “sounds of joy”–and it’s joy that the culinary veterans behind Akasya Catering have cultivated in this standout venue. The menu features creative takes on local favorites, where familiar tastes have been rendered with elan using excellent ingredients. Around a half-dozen expertly devised sambals (including andaliman, keluwek and teri cabe ijo) deliciously compliment mains ranging from lamb shanks fried in olive oil to the signature grilled sate wagyu. Also delicious are Kila
Kila’s jajanan pasar , or market snacks–try the serabi or the spicy lemper bubuk. Kila Kila’s interior design also adroitly riffs on the local. One wall features dozens of teapots traditionally used to serve tehpoci , each delicately resting on an individual shelf while overhead, the skeletal form of light fixtures suggest Chinese lanterns. The semi-open kitchen is visible through a narrow slot in a wall given a playful character by a multitude of origami-like mounted pinwheels, while the windows lining half the restaurant offer dazzling, serene views of the towers at the heart of the city’s central business district.(cr)




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