Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 47-48 | T: +6221 5205651 | | FB: Kembang Goela Restaurant
IG: @kembanggoela.pakis

Elevated Indonesian dishes reminiscent of the colonial era

SITUATED AT the bustling Jend. Sudirman main road, Kembang Goela restaurant evokes a sense of nostalgia from the Dutch colonial era. Opened in 2005, the restaurant champions authentic Indonesian recipes presented with fine-dining flair. Kembang Goela prides itself on the expert use of herbs and spices–as is customary in authentic Indonesian cooking – to create balanced dishes that indulges the senses with flavour and aroma. Presented beautifully at Kembang Goela is Dendeng Balado, a classic dish that features deep fried sliced jerky dried in sugar and spices and served with fresh, hot chillies. Taking also a page from a young
nation’s history, Sosis Oom Yance is a meter-long boiled chicken sausage served with mustard and chilli tomato sauce. For dessert, Es Kopyor Durian is a satisfyingly refreshing glass of creamy durian flesh and kopyor coconut with a unique texture and flavour. Complimenting Kembang Goela’s contemporary ambience are an unmistakable colonial touches that comes in the form of the restaurant’s collection of antiques, including paintings of Javanese sultans and nobles. In its dashing grandeur, the restaurant’s space arrangement, seating placement, impeccably organized lighting and details maintain a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.(dm)




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