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Contemporary Indonesian cuisine, ready for the world to enjoy

AFTER LAUNCHING successful outposts in Hong Kong and Bali, KAUM finally offered people in Jakarta a chance to experience its cuisine last year, and the wait was definitely worth it. Meaning “tribe” or “clan” in Indonesian, KAUM draws on its culinary collective’s many trips around the archipelago to discover indigenous cooking methods, exotic ingredients and authentic flavors.
TPTT family CEO Ronald Akili, culinary consultant chef Antoine Audran and brand director Lisa Virgiano have nurtured engaging relationships with many ethnic groups, tribes and small- scale producers around Indonesia, recognizing their craftsmanship and the quality of their local produce, all of which are reflected on the menu.
The menu is a veritable feast from across the Indonesian archipelago. Standouts include the Gohu Ikan Tuna (fresh tuna marinated in coconut oil, calamansi juice and fresh belimbi, served with kenari nuts and ginseng leaves) from Maluku; Burung Puyuh Malon Goreng Bumbu Rica-Rica (deep fried quail tossed with lemongrass, ginger, red chili and fresh lime relish) from North Sulawesi; Gulai Udang (prawns in a spicy Acehnese curry sauce with okra and plantain from Aceh, and Sate Buntel Acar Rujak (minced goat satay), served with rujak-style pickled vegetables, torch ginger flower, red chili and sweet soy sauce from Surakarta, Central Java.
Set in a refurbished Dutch-era colonial building, KAUM features interiors that add to the dining experience. The front of a colonial house opens up to the main dining hall, with a bar and large open kitchen. Notice the precast wall panels in Dayak motifs while staff members walk back and forth in indigo-dyed, natural-linen uniforms. Speaking of the staff, they are friendly, knowledgeable, sensitive and are eager to please. The cocktail list, like the menu, is peppered with local flavors. Try the Kecombrang Martini: lemongrassinfused gin, torch ginger flower syrup, citrus liqueur and served with sambal matah and melinjo crackers or the Sulawesi Spritz: magosteen-infused gin, Aperol and sparkling wine.
KAUM’s food, service, drinks and interiors have aligned so that it becomes not just a noteworthy experience but also an example of how an Indonesian restaurant can be world class and ready to serve a global audience. The jury is pleased to name KAUM as Restaurant of the Year. (jd)




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