Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kav. C-22A | T: +6221 27887788 | westinjakarta/henshin
IG: @henshinjakarta | FB: @henshinjakarta

Nikkei cuisine at the highest level

HENSHIN, located on the three top floors of The Westin Jakarta, offers an exciting mix of dining, lounge and music experiences. Directly accessible through a “secret” entrance at the hotel lobby, Henshin has a culinary team led by Chef Hajime Kasuga, expert practitioner of Japanese-Peruvian –or Nikkei– cuisine.
Guests can opt for fresh appetizers before enjoying a wide selection of innovative main courses such as Ceviche Clasico–sea bass Peruvian seafood marinade, or the Henshin Roll– foie gras, fried shrimp and spicy crab meat, before enjoying signature dishes like the Henshin Wagyu–Kagoshima A5 grade wagyu served with sweet potato
puree, baby carrots and edamame. The three-fold experience of Henshin consists of a lively bar & lounge on the 67th floor, a main dining area with two open hot and cold kitchens on the 68th floor and private dining rooms and bar on the 69th floor. Capitalizing on its other distinguishing feature of being the highest restaurant in the country, Henshin is encased in floor-to-ceiling windows all around, in addition to an open-air bar on the 67th. Anywhere within (although preferably by the windows), guests can enjoy a spectacular view which extends, on a clear day, all the way to the ocean to the north and the mountains to the south.(dm)




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