Jalan Senopati No. 88 | T: +6221 7211468 | | IG: @gioijakarta

Farm to table, Asian style

GIOI, LOCATED IN the emerging restaurant corridor of Jakarta’s Senopati district, excels with an innovative, wellexecuted farm-to-table menu that’s consistently delivered in a space with a casual, homey vibe. Taking inspiration from the restaurant’s name–the word means “well done” in Vietnamese, that is, in the non-steak sense–the talents at GIOI offer several standout dishes, such as an intriguing salmon lodeg, featuring traditional Indonesian lodeh, served with eggplant, long beans, labu siam, melinjo and plated with a seared, sousvide salmon and slaw salad. (The dish has been so successful that GIOI has taken it on the roads to pop-ups on the other side of Java). Another favorite is the seasonal oxtail tom yum, featuring a slow-cooked ox tail in soup, intriguingly infused with galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and served with king oyster mushrooms. Despite GIOI’s trendy location, the space is welcoming, with a smart use
of light wood to give the interior a bright feel that suggests the outdoors and nature–a good match with the produce on the menu, delivered fresh from the owner’s farm in West Java. (cr)




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