Jalan Gunawarman No. 21 | T: +6221 27513838, +6221 27513030 | fujin-id.com
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Modern–and mindful–Japanese cuisine

MINDFULNESS, dedication and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every dish served at FŪJIN, which offers an authentic and exquisite take on teppanyaki, a cuisine that’s recently captivated the city. The menu leans towards Hiroshimastyle dishes, like the salmon-head teriyaki. However, FŪJIN also offers standout Japanese-style tapas, including a teppan-grilled pork roll stuffed with vegetables and stewed beef tendon and a mentaiko spicy Pollack roe, potato and cheese pizza–a savory crepe of sorts with mentaiko, shrimp and melted mozzarella. Presentation is done with immense care–it’s enough to look at some dishes–while the chef’s lack of compromise on technique and quality
of ingredients in obvious when you do dig in. However, teppanyaki is only half of FŪJIN’s story. The remainder of the tale is told by the restaurant’s stellar mixologists, who obviously mean business: six different types of highballs, some with ume plum liquers, are on the menu, as are a staggering 45 single-grain malt whiskeys from Japan and Scotland, 15 blended Japanese whiskeys, 10 types of gin and four craft Japanese beers. The decor suggests a traditional Japanese restaurant, with generous use of dark wood. Rottan chairs front long bars by the island-style teppan grill where chefs work, and are surrounded by tables and booths for larger parties.(cr)




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