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Minimalist decor, maximum experience

DEVISED BY renowned Indonesian designer Jaya Ibrahim, Emilie’s charmingly minimalist decor takes you away to a quaint, romantic setting that could easily be in France. You will find harmony in simple, homely decorative objects, such as a wood-and-glass shelf showcasing books on French cuisine and culture, as well as a number of wine bottles and other small culinary paraphernalia.
Chef/owner Wahyudi Rahardja crafts modern French cuisine with an emphasis on flavour and elegant presentation. One example of the chef’s masterpieces is Les Champignons—poached hen’s egg with seasonal mushroom and cèpes puree
The mushroom, already tantalizing treat on its own, gets paired up with the smooth-textured cèpes puree and beautifully cooked poached egg.
The Le Confit de Canard tells a different story. A confit of duck leg with seasonal mushrooms, penne and garlic foam, this main course dish takes the classic confit technique with components that balance each other out—the rich duck cooked in fat was perfectly tender and full without being overpowering, thanks to the herby notes from the mushrooms. Add to these over 500 fine wine labels from Emlie’s award-wining cellar and you get an elevated French dining experience like no other.(rk)




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