Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall, Jalan MH Thamrin No. 1 | T: +6221 23580638 | IG: @caffemilanojkt | FB: @caffemilanojkt

A modern trattoria offering homey comfort

ONE OF THE MOST popular trattoriastyle Italian eateries in town, Caffé Milano has already proven to be an authentic all-day restaurant serving rustic comfort food, classic Italian cocktails, and with an extensive wine list that delights. Chef Luca Pezzera, hailing from the scenic city of Bergamo, highlights honest dishes with just the right amount of sophistication to complement the restaurant’s casual chic ambience.
One of the many must-try dishes is the tantalizing beef tenderloin; the juicy lean meat is grilled to your preferred doneness and beautifully placed on top of buttery mashed potatoes. Adding to
this hearty meal are succulent pieces of fried gnocchi. Drizzled generously on the dish is a divine creamy Gorgonzola veined Italian blue cheese sauce and chilli oil for a dash of spice. The exceptional flavors will spur a welcome dilemma between your addicted palate and your packed tummy. In the spirit of Italian culture, which is about drinking before, during and after one’s meal, the bar at Caffé Milano provides all the drinks you can possibly need: a crisp Pinot Grigio to cool off in the afternoon, a refreshing Milano Torino after work, or a complex Barbaresco to accompany your pastas and meat.(dm)




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