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Excellent comfort food, rustic design and inviting decor

IMAGINE A SUBURBAN mom-and-pop eatery set in a rustic garage, modestly decorated with interesting knick-knacks and serving popular international comfort food–albeit with sophistication and a balance of flavors worthy of a modern, metropolitan bistro. This is the kind of vibe you can expect when visiting Attarine in the chic Senopati area. Entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by aquamarine-patterned wall tiles sustaining a homey ceiling riddled with wood panels with live plants hanging here and there. At the center of the room, a classic Fiat, stripped of its engine and most interior details, has been transformed into a table,
while the engine housing of the front chassis is home to a live tree to brighten up the atmosphere. On the right, you’ll see a long, narrow, marble-topped dining table with wooden stools. Behind this table are wooden shelves lined with plates, seasoning jars, wooden spoons, spice containers, more plants, a “today’s specials” chalkboard and just about every trinket you might find in a suburban garage. Under the direction of Executive Chef Jacob Burell, Attarine offers tantalizing comfort foods such as the Grilled Lamb Shoulder cooked to perfect tenderness and then fried with whipped garlic and pickles.(dm)




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