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Capturing layers of nostalgia in cake

ADHIKA MAXI and Karen Carlotta have designed their venue to satisfy any sweets enthusiast’s desire for lasting memories. The French-influenced space lures you in and delivers a potent dose of nostalgia right from the front entrance, which has a stunning display of cakes with completely international shapes and forms, but with descriptions, ingredients, and flavors that are blatantly Indonesian.
With selections like Teh Botol Cake, Pisang Ijo Cake, Martabak Cake, Es Teler Cake, Nastar Cheesecake, Lapis Cokelat Meises, and many more inspired from delish cakes we’ve enjoyed growing up, Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta channel their background and heritage into delightful bites of heaven.
In addition to the sweet offerings, the main dishes at AMKC also exude a very familiar feel that comforts both soul and palate. Take the Filet Mignon and Kale Heritage Sauce Heritage, for instance.
Coming from a desire to preserve the sauce grandma made, Adhika puts together this perfect medium-rare fillet mignon with a subtle homemade steak sauce and creamy mashed potatoes.(dm)




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