Restaurant Qualifications
1. A licensed restaurant.
2. Presently operating. Fully open or with a reduced operating schedule.
3. Can be a recently closed restaurant, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Closed since April 2020 up to the time of joining.
4. Located in Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek) or Bali.
5. Catering companies are not allowed to join.
6. Has the capacity to fulfill the Special Food Order: at least 500 packed meals in a day, and full Special Food Order fulfilled within one (1) month of notice.

Video Application Requirements
1. Maximum 60 seconds
2. Uploaded to your chosen social media: ie Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
3. Must showcase the following:
    a. What food you want to serve
    b. Your culinary and service team
    c. State why you want to win

Special Food Order Requirements
1. Must be comfort food
2. Must be rice based
3. Must be healthy and nutritious
4. Maximum IDR 50,000 per pack for a total of 3,000 packed meals
5. No plastic packaging or cutlery